With LoadsApp, shippers and carriers are finally connected. No third parties, no worries, no fuss, just us. Freight delivered, payment received in less than 5 days in Premium Loads.


Payments in less than 5 days, just when you need it.

No third parties

No matter where you are. Papers received, payment DONE! No fuss, just us!

Many options

One or one hundred loads, thousands of carriers waiting for you.

Instant tracking info

More loads to ship?
Loads to assign? Instant tracking (Status notification). No worries, no waits.

At home or at the office? LoadsApp makes it easy.
LoadsApp web. More options, less time. Easy access through computers and tablets.
LoadsApp Mobile. No matter where you are, loads and carriers, right away.

Loads just a click away. Search for what you want. Whenever you want. Thousands of loads are waiting for you.

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Additional characteristics

Instant payment
30 or 90 days to get paid? That’s history! With LoadsApp, your payments are done in less than 5 days*
Easy booking
Book now. Instant confirmation.
Real price
Check the price of your load. Price shown, payment sent. No surprises.
More options
Choose your loads, whenever you want. 24/7, all year round.


“Digital documents process saves me time. It took only minutes to take some photos and send them. No matter where I am.” Alan, 40.

“I don’t have to wait for 30 days to receive my payment. If I need money for gas, I can get it easy, no more questions asked.” Steve 45

“LoadsApp’s web is great! When I need to process a lot of freight with my work team, it saves me a lot of time.” Alex, 50.


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