Nowadays, more and more drivers miss their loads due to lack of contact with load generators ( shippers ) , and shippers have some issues because they have a limited base of drivers, problems like this in the current industry process is the reason that an innovative platform was created to centralize loads and drivers, helping and optimizing the cargo distribution process, delivering benefits for both parties.

LoadsApp was created in March , 2013, based on the idea of combining experience and passion for the cargo transport industry in order to improve the logistics and cargo distribution service. Since then we´ve worked day by day together with a team of more than 10 years of experience in different areas to build what until then was just an idea.

Nowadays, LoadsApp is a platform that has been developed specifically to improve the current process of the cargo transport industry, where carriers manage their different types of loads via the application and drivers find the loads through the same application according to their location, skills and capacity, in order to maximize the potential of the two parties.

LoadsApp has been built with the latest technology in order to improve the processes of the current industry and being ahead of innovation, improving drivers´ lifes by increasing their income, and becoming their own bosses. Likewise, shippers will also be favored to be able to offer service quality and price improvement due to the elimination of third parties.


To be a so solid platform that it can reach an international market, positioning itself in the minds of consumers as the first option when they need to search loads or looking for drivers to distribute them.


To become a strong community to be the number one of loadboard within the transport industry, building loyalty to each of our customers through benefits according to their needs.

LoadsApp, is a trademark of Insoftel Logistic where we offer logistics and brokerage services and software applications for transportation industry.

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